Transmission & Drive-lines

As with many classic automobiles, spare parts become obsolete, so it becomes totally necessary to fabricate new parts during the rebuild process. This W100 had the typical drive-line vibration as do many old classic cars and trucks. This drive shaft was removed and rebuilt at DoaneMotorWerks with factory parts as well as fabricated parts. It was sanded, primed, painted and properly balanced to perfection prior to being re-installed. As far as transmissions go...we have the ability to remove and rebuild them as well. Here are just a few examples of some of the transmissions we have rebuilt.

  • Rebuilt-M100-W100-Mercedes-Benz-600-SWB-Drive-Shaft
  • Mercedes-Benz-W100-M100-600-SWB-Rebuilt-Drive-Shaft
  • 1964-Ford-Mustang-Rebuilt-Transmission
  • Mercedes-Benz-M109-300-SEL-6.3-Rebuilt-Transmission
  • Mercedes-Benz-W116-450-SEL-6.9-Rebuilt-Transmission

Detailed Engine Compartments

Every job has a budget, time frame and a stopping point. No matter what the case may be, the car needs to be reliable and safe to drive and enjoy for years to come. Basically we take your project and go over it from top to bottom. We make a list of everything it needs: things that have to be done now, and things that we feel can wait. Then we start with safety and working towards reliability while staying well within your budget. This is why you see the difference in the details.

  • 1952-Mercedes-300-W186
  • 1972-M100-600-SWB-Mercedes-Benz-W100
  • 1972-M100-W109-300-SEL-6.3-Engine-Compartment
  • 1972-Mercedes-300-SEL-6.3-M100-W109
  • 1986-Alfa-Romeo

Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9 Electrical

The 450 SEL 6.9 is truly an amazing car. Although difficult to work on with its complex hydraulics and the always feared climate control system, I have had the honor and privilege to restore / preserve many W116 cars in my days. And I always look forward to the next one that rolls in the shop. Here are just a few examples of the detailed work we have completed on just a few 6.9's over the years, just to name a few. All the ignition wires are all hand built, and the lines all plated back to the original cadmium yellow. When they are right... wow, what a monster.

  • 1979-450-SEL-6.9-W116-Ignition-Coil-Hydraulics
  • 1979-M116-450-SEL-6.9-Rebuilt-Distributor
  • 1979-Mercedes-Benz-W116-Engine-Compartment-Rebuilt
  • 1979-W116-450-SEL-6.9-Cruise-Control-Climate-Control
  • 1979-W116-450-SEL-6.9-Hand-Built-Ignition-Wires

Other Rebuilt Drive-line, Engine & Electrical Components

We take the time and go the extra steps to put your project over the top. Here are just a few more examples of some rebuilt electrical components, drive-line, engine compartments and detail oriented work that we love to do!

  • 1966-Alfa-Romeo-Engine-Compartment

    Here we have a beautiful 1966 Alfa Romeo that has had a bunch of engine work and cosmetics. Now we shift gears and move to the interior.

  • 1972-Mercedes-Benz-W100-M100-Oil-Filter-Oil-Pan

    This is the oil pan of a 1972 Mercedes 600 SWB after replacing the oil pump. It was necessary to remove the sub-frame to gain access.

  • 1979-M116-450-SEL-6.9-Rebuilt-Distributor2

    Some detail work on my favorite 600 ever. It won its class at Amelia Island 2011.

  • 1996-Rolls-Royce

    Engine compartment of a 1996 Rolls Royce that just won a national award.

  • Mercedes-Benz-300-Hand-Made-Ignition-Wires

    Engine compartment of a 1996 Rolls Royce that just won a national award.

  • Mercedes-Benz-450-SEL-6.9-Rebuilt-Transmission-Exhaust-System

    Detailed undercarriage of a 1979 Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 6.9. Rebuilt transmission and new stainless exhaust.

  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-Relays-Restored

    Refurbished relays on a 1972 Mercedes benz 300 SEL 6.3. We made a stamp for the verbiage as well as the wiring schematic so the relays look as they did when they were new. Talk about details...come on, who does this !?

  • Mercedes-Benz-Rebuilt-Generator

    Here is a rebuilt generator from a Mercedes 300 W186 011 chasis car.

  • Mercedes-Benz-W186-Rebuilt-Starter

    Rebuilt starter on the same 1952 300 Sedan

  • W186-Mercedes-Benz-300-Rebuilt-Distriubtor

    And last but certainly not least.....the rebuilt distributor on the Adenauer.

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