As with any car, fluids are the most important part to keeping them rolling smooth. From a clean, corrosion free cooling system to fresh new brake fluid, changing your fluids out to the correct stuff is the key to making all your components last. Many are overlooked and even neglected until its to late. Failure is often a direct result to a system or component being dry, dirty or general lack of service. Here at DoaneMotorWerks, we can take that old classic or late model car and service it from top to bottom. We can also take that worn out leaking component and make it new again.

Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 6.9 Hydraulic System

Here are a few examples off a 1979 Mercedes Benz 450 SEL 6.9 where the Hydraulic system had been completely overhauled. The car came to us with the front end on the floor, the rear valve leaking fluid and the car virtually unable to be driven. We took this car and all its hydraulic components apart, rebuilt them and made them function the way they should.

  • Mercedes-Benz-450-SEL-6-9-Hydraulic-Main-Valve-Hydraulic-Fluid-Tank-Control-Cable
  • Mercedes-Benz-M116-W116-450-SEL-6-9-Hydraulic-Tank-Rebuilt-Rear-Control-Suspention-Valve
  • W116-M116-Hydraulic-Main-Control-Valve-Rebuilt
  • W116-M116-Mercedes-Benz-450-SEL-6-9-Hydraulic-Components-Main-Valve-Front-Suspention-Valve-Rear-Valve-Height-Control-Valve
  • W116-M116-Mercedes-Benz-450-SEL-6-9-Rebuilt-Installed-Front-Control-Valve

Mercedes 600 Hydraulic System

Here are a few examples from the overly complicated Mercedes 600 hydraulic system. They use a high pressure pump to overcome a nitrogen charged accumulator. The pump controls the functions to the windows, sunroof, seats ( front & rear ) front shocks, trunk and can even assist the doors to close on early models. The accumulator stores this high pressure so one can operate some of these functions when the car not running. These hydraulic valves, blocks, switches and rocker arms have a tendency to leak, brake and just wear out over time. The system runs dry, the pump continues to run and the line connections tend to relax causing the internal seals to dry and leak.

  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-600-Pullman-Rebuilt-Hydrauilc-Front-Suspention-Control-Valve
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-600-Pullman-Rebuilt-Hydraulic-Trunk-Closure
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-Rebuilt-Accumulator-New-Piston-Seals-properly-Charged
  • Mercedes-Benz-W100-M100-600-Limo-Hydraulic-Seat-Controls
  • W100-M100-Mercedes-Benz-Rebuilt-Tested-Barmag-Hydraulic-Pump


Obviously brakes are critical....Most every car that comes into our shop needs some type of brake work. A lot of heat is generated when stopping your car. When the calipers get old, the seals dry out. When the fluid isn't flushed on a regular basis, it retains moisture....that's its job. This moisture causes corrosion and pitting. When this happens, it causes leaks and a loss of brake pressure. Many times the lines are actually rusting from the inside out! Here at DoaneMotorWerks, we can take that leaking master cylinder and rebuilt it back to better than new condition. Those old tired, leaking calipers are no problem as well. We have had the opportunity to rebuild some of the most complicated components made. We care about quality, and it shows in our work.

  • M100-W100-Mercedes-Benz-600-Limo-Rebuilt-Rear-Brake-Calipers
  • Mercedes-Benz-190SL-Rebuilt-Brake-Booster
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-600-Pullman-LWB-SWB-Rebuilt-Brake-Calipers-Rebuilt-Fuel-Injection-Pump
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-600-Rebuilt-Brake-Booster-Master-Cylinder
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-Rebuilt-Front-Brake-Calipers

Cooling System

With any engine, the cooling system is equally as important as any. This important chemical makeup helps lubricate the pump, valves and other controls. It raises the boiling point, lowers the freezing point and keeps the insides of the engine free of corrosion when properly serviced. We have an older Mercedes in our shop now that the cooling system had been completely neglected. The insides of the pipes are rusted, pitted and ever corroded. Many parts of the system have been bypassed due to failure. All this can be avoided if the cooling system is regularly flushed and maintained. This is just another service we can help you with on either your old classic or your late model car or truck.

  • Mercedes-Benz-300-Adenauer-186-Rebuilt-Water-Pump
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-600-6.3-Thermostat-Rebuilt
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-600-Pullman-Rebuilt-Radiator-Re-Cored
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-Pullman-600-Rebuilt-Instaled-Water-Pump
  • Mercedes-Benz-M109-300-SEL-6.3-Rebuilt-Water-Pump

Fuel System

All vehicles need a fresh clean fuel system. One of the first steps is removing the fuel tank and having it boiled and sealed. We then flush the lines clear, replace the filters and rebuild the pumps. Often these older cars and truck sit around for years, and the carburetors and injection systems get plugged up. With today's fuels, it breaks down quicker and leaves more deposits than the older leaded fuels did. We can take that fuel injection pump, those fuel injectors, fuel pumps and carburetors and rebuild them to like new condition.

  • Mercedes-Benz-190SL-Rebuilt-Fuel-Pump-Fuel-Hoses.jpg
  • Mercedes-Benz-300S-Adenauer-Rebuilt-Fuel-Pump.jpg
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-M109-Fuel-Injection-Rebuilt-Cold-Start-Valves.jpg
  • Mercedes-Benz-M100-W100-Rebuilt-Tested-Fuel-Injectors-Adjusted-Blocks.jpg
  • Rebuilt-Solex-Carburetor-Mercedes-Benz-300S.jpg

Rebuilt and Re-installed Components

Here are some additional examples of components that have been rebuilt and either re-installed on our customers cars here at our shop, or rebuilt and sent back to the customer. No matter how you choose to have the work performed, we are here to help.

  • Mercedes-Benz-6.3-M100-W100-Rebuilt-Tested-Fuel-Injectors-Seals-Blocks

Here we have some mechanical fuel injectors and the mounting blocks. We tested, cleaned and polished the injectors and sent them back to the customer to have them re-installed in his 1972 Mercedes 6.3

  • Mercedes-Benz-300-Adenauer-W186-Rebuilt-Brake-Master-Cylinder

This is a rebuilt brake master cylinder off a customers 1952 Mercedes Benz 300. it has all new seals inside the freshly painted body.

  • Mercedes-Benz-W100-M100-Rebuilt-Injection-Pump-Rebuilt-Water-Pump-Cold-Start-Valves

A little sampler platter of components rebuilt and ready to be re-installed on a car here at our shop. The mechanical fuel injection pump was rebuilt and calibrated, the cold start valves completely rebuilt and tested, the main air suspension valve rebuilt and plated. There is even a water pump, some gaskets, hoses and the hard to find thermal time switches for the second stage of the cold start system.

  • W116-Mercedes-Benz-1979-450-SEL-6.9-Transmission-Cooling-Pump

This is a rare and relatively unusual additional pump for the transmission cooling system on a beautiful 1979 W116 Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9.

  • Rebuilt-Carter-W1-Carburator

This Carter W1 carburetor came off a 1936 Chevy truck we restored. It was a great project for one of our favorite local customers.

  • Rebult-Mercedes-Benz-W100-M100-600-Hydraulic-Seat-Switch

Basically an airplane on wheels...the Mercedes Benz 600 with the ever so complicated hydraulic system. Here is the valve that controls all the functions of the drivers seat. It was leaking and needed to be completely gone threw.

  • 1952-Mercedes-300-Adenauer-Thermostat-New-Hoses-Clamps

Here is a thermostat, new hoses and the correct clamps for a 1952 Mercedes Benz 300 that we have been working on here at our shop.

  • Mereceds-Benz-W100-M100-600-Pullman-Rebuilt-Fuel-Injection-Pump

Another example of a mechanical fuel injection pump completely rebuilt, calibrated, tested and installed in this beautiful Mercedes 600. We soda blast all the lines and have them plated back to the original finish.

  • Mercedes-Benz-300-Adenauer-W186-Rebuilt-Solex-Carburators

Rebuilt Solex carburetors on a 1952 Mercedes 300 Adenauer...W186-011 chassis car.

  • Mercedes-Benz-W100-M100-Hydraulic-Parking-Brake-Release-Switch

This is the hydraulic parking brake switch off a Mercedes Benz M100. They are hidden down below the brake booster, and have a tendency to leak.

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