One of the biggest hurdles when working on these old classics is parts availability. Many times several parts to one component are available, but often the most critical seal, gasket or internal part is not. This is where we can help. We can fabricate that missing component, seal or gasket. We can take your existing pump, valve, transmission, axle or even sub frame and rebuild them to better than new specifications. In many cases, customers send us the individual component, or even the entire car. Whatever your needs are, we can help.

Mercedes Benz 600 SWB Suspension

Here are a few pictures of some of the latest 600's we worked on. Here we have taken the rear aluminum link arms off the car, cleaned them, clear coated them and completely rebuilt them using factory ball joints, momentum counters, boots and jewelers clamps. In many cases the air cans and air bags were removed and rebuilt, the air suspension valves removed and rebuilt, the axle bearings and seals replaced, the brake rotors turned true and the calipers rebuilt, as with every car and every job that comes in our shop. There are budgets, requests, wants, needs and realities. We understand that, and will work well within your means.

  • Mercedes-600-brake-hoses-axle-bushings-rebuilt
  • Mercedes-600-W100-M100-rebuilt-upper-control-arm-bushings-sway-bar-bushings-air-bags
  • Rebuilt-lower-control-arm-ball- joints-brake-calipers-air-suspention-valves-oil-pan
  • Rebuilt-rear-momentium-counters-ball-joints-brake-rotor-Mercedes-600-SWB-W100-M100
  • Rebuilt-rear-momentium-counters-jewelers-clamps-axle-seals-grease-boots-ball-joints-Mercedes-M100-W100-600-SWB

Mercedes Benz 600 Steering Rebuilt

We take your cars component apart and rebuild it using new seals and re-manufactured internal parts. The bodies are super cleaned; sometimes soda blasted, washed, dried and painted with top of the line Eastwood paint. I have been using Eastwood paints for years, and have found nothing that even comes close. It's expensive, but well worth it. Once the paint dries, the components are then rebuilt, tested and either sent back to you, the customer, or installed back on your car. Many times customers choose not to disable the car. If that's the case, you can simply order a rebuilt component from us, we will send it out and charge you a core that's refunded once we receive yours back... no problem.

  • Mercedes-Benz-W100-M100-600-SWB-Pullman-Rebuilt-Steering-Gearbox
  • Mercedes-Benz-W116-450SEL-6.9-Power-Steering-Pump-being-rebuilt
  • Mercedes-Benz-W116-450SEL-6.9-rebuilt-Steering-gearbox
  • Mercedes-Benz-W116-450SEL-6.9-Steering-Gearbox-Being-Rebuilt
  • Mercedes-Benz-W116-450SEL-6.9-Steering-Pump-Rebuilt

Mercedes Benz Air Suspension

We take the air suspension components of your car apart and make them new again. From powder coating the air cans the correct color, to rebuilding the drain valves on the storage tank. As far as I'm concerned the air suspension is one of the most critical systems on your Mercedes. Sometimes they use a similar system, but with hydraulics. Regardless, when it fails, it virtually leaves the car useless and literally on the ground. From all of my years experience, when the suspension system starts giving the owner trouble, it's the beginning to the end. I have seen dozens of M100 cars dragged from there resting place over the years. It has always been intriguing to me to search and find out what failed on the car, and most often it all came down to the air suspension. We can take any of your suspension components apart and rebuild them back to new, reliable working condition. If you wish to send us the failed component or the entire car, we will make it right.

  • Mercedes-Benz-600-Limo-SWB-LWB-W100-M100-Air-tank-Check-valves-rebuilt-plated
  • Powder-coated-M100-600-SWB-Mercedes-Benz-Air-tank-air-valve-hoses-air-bags-plated
  • Rebuilt-M109-Air-compressor-dryer-check-valve-plated-lines-fittings
  • W100-M100-rebuilt-air-compressor-alcohol-dryer-cad-plated
  • W109-M109-Mercedes-Benz-6.3-Main-air-suspension-valve-rebuilt-plated

Other Steering & Suspension

We have the ability, knowledge and the passion to rebuild all your components on your classic car. There have been a few requests over the years to rebuild the component, but not make it look like new. We will respect all your wishes, and give you back a product that will give you years of trouble free operation...guaranteed. He are a few more pictures of what we have going on around here.

Here is a nicely restored 190 SL...We started from the top, and worked our way down on this beauty.

Here is a Mercedes 600 that we completely rebuilt the front end on. All new ball joints, brakes, air suspension valves, air bags, air cans, cones and sway bar end links just to mention a few.

This is the alcohol vapor dryer for a Mercedes Benz 600. It was completely taken apart, blasted, plated and rebuilt. When they are working properly, and have the correct fluid in them at all times, the air that's pulled through it by the compressor picks up a vapor and keeps the components of the air suspension clean and dry.

Here we have rebuilt air suspension valves, rebuilt air bags and cans on this Mercedes Benz 600 SWB. The hydraulic accumulator was also rebuilt as well as new transmission cooler hoses, belts, air suspension flex hoses, and the correct decal on the oil filter housing.

This air suspension main valve was completely rebuilt and calibrated using new internal machined components, plated fittings, new o-rings and tested pressure switch.

Here is a great look at a rebuilt air suspension compressor / steering pump on a Mercedes Benz 600. Also in the picture is a air pressure regulator completely rebuilt, calibrated and bench tested prior to installation.

This W116 Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9 got a completely rebuilt front end. All new tie rods, center drag link, steering shock and Pitman arm. The exhaust was replaced, the heat shields removed and painted and the insulation replaced as well.

Another look at a rebuilt air suspension compressor that goes into a 300SEL 6.3. This pulley and belt assembly will also drive the steering pump that gets bolted directly behind the compressor.

This is a look at the front hydraulic shock on a Mercedes W116 450SEL 6.9.

All the components waiting to go on the front end a beautiful Mercedes 190SL

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