Mercedes Benz 600 - Work in Progress

We always have several jobs going on at once. We are either prepping a car for a show, restoring a car or truck from the ground up. We take all the original bolts, clamps and fittings off, bead blast them and have them plated back to original factory specifications. We reverse engineer failed components and improve them for reliability. No matter how large or small your next project is, where here to help.

  • 600-engine-nearly-complete-handmade-ignition-wires
  • barn-find-600-swb-original-hoses-clamps
  • cleaned-painted-lines-cleaned-intake-manifolds-painted-inner-fenders
  • mercedes-benz-600-front-clip-being-painted
  • oil-pan-removed-access-faulty-oil-pump-check-valve
  • parts-necessary-repairs-600-swb
  • parts-removed-saved-customer-review
  • radio-antenna-wiring-repair-work
  • rebuilt-components-plated-parts-adjusted-valves-new-hoses
  • replacement-exhaust-600-swb-needs-fitting-welding-into-place

Mercedes 300S Coupe - Work in Progress

This single-owner, 189 chassis Mercedes Benz 300S coupe came to us for restoration in early 2013. We were able to literally flick the paint off the car. Someone, several years ago sanded the original lacquer paint, installed a sanding sealer and painted the car a creamy beige color which was beautiful, but not original or period correct. Furthermore, it didn't adhere to the sanding sealer. We were able to determine the original color when we took off the windscreen molding and later verified it against the data card, which we got from Germany. We made the decision to media blast the car to bare metal and have it painted back to its original DB158. The massive amounts of chrome have been completely redone. The 333 blue interior, completely new with refinished wood. A new wiring harness, fresh paint and new tires where added. More pictures to follow as we progresses.

  • mercedes-300s-coupe-complete-restoration
  • coupe-fenders-off-engine-transmission-coming-out
  • mercedes-189-chassis-engine-transmission-removed-for-restoration
  • mercedes-coupe-ready-for-next-phase-tear-down
  • interior-completely-taken-apart-restoration
  • mercedes-300s-coupe-chassis-restoration
  • mercedes-300s-coupe-under-carriage
  • mercedes-300s-coupe-primerd-panels-after-media-blasting
  • 1953mercedes-300s-coupe-media-blasted-factory-leading-on-seams
  • mercedes-benz-300s-coupe-fresh-paint-coded-DB158

1936 Chevy Pickup in Progress

We service basically everything on the road from a Honda to an Audi, and take the same approach with each and every job. This local truck came to us on the back of a flatbed. It runs, but never seems to make it back home. We had the green light to take it down, find the source of its problems and make it right. What we found was a cylinder head that was rebuilt with all the wrong valve springs, bent, worn out push rods and adjusting studs and a carburetor that leaked more fuel than it sent into the intake.

  • 1936-Chevy-Truck-Engine-block-nasty-fuel-leak
  • Block-stripped-down-prepping-for-work
  • Oil-feed-lines-leaked-coolant-into-crankcase
  • Rebuilt-cylinder-head-painted-block-rebuilt-generator-new-oil-feed-lines
  • New-pushrods-rebuilt-starter-new-fuel-pump-rebuilt-distributor
  • Freshly-painted-engine-valve-cover-water-pump
  • Cleaned-interior-underdash-wiring-reworked
  • Freshly-blasted-painted-intake-manifold-exhaust-manifold
  • Rebuilt-Carter-W1-carburator-
  • 1936-Chevy-Pickup-truck-near-completion

Other Works in Progress

We always have something interesting going on here, from the bent push rods on the 1936 Chevy, to the low oil pressure on the Mercedes 600 SWB due to a stuck pressure release valve on the oil pump. No job is to small or to large for us to handle. Here are a few pictures of what we have going on around here.

  • 1952-300-S-Sedan-186-Chasis-Undergoing-Major-Mechanical-Work

    1952 Mercedes 300 Sedan 186 Chassis car. Car came to us smoking like a crop duster.... Performed a cylinder leakage test, and several cylinders failed. Compression was a little low, but originally this 115 hp engine only had 6.4 / 1 compression as it was. Taking it down to inspect for damage and to see what the root cause is. We will have the aluminum head pressure tested and rebuilt as well.

  • 1953-Chevy-3100-Restoration-Work-Progress

    1953 Chevy 3100 truck 216 engine going back together. Truck was restored by someone several years back, but developed several problems since then. So we basically took everything apart and put it back together correctly. That was the only way we could find all the hidden problems.

  • 1966-Alfa-Romeo-Engine-Work-Valve-Cover-Warped-Leaked-Oil

    1966 Alfa Romeo with several oil and fuel leaks. We found the rocker cover to be slightly warped and needed to be milled flat and true. The later motors utilized two additional bolts on the cover. This was a great project, and dealing with the owners Bob and Pauline was truly amazing. We end up making so many good friends along the way....

  • 1970-Mercedes-300-SEL-Timing-Chain-worn-Out-Needing-replacement

    1972 Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 4.5 with some valve train noise. Upon inspection we found the timing chain to be hitting the head as well as the rocker cover. Necessary to replace the chain and tensioner as well as the chain guides. Once this was completed it ran like a completely different car. Always start with the basics.... compression, cylinder leakage, fuel management, air supply, ignition and timing. When you have a motor this far out of time all the valves are opening late and closing early resulting in extremely poor drivability.

  • 1971-Oldsmobile-Cutlas-Supreme-Convertable-Underhood-Restoration

    1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible sent to us from upstate NY. This car was a gift to her from her father so she wanted it completely gone through and made right. We removed and rebuilt the 350 and freshened up the bay area as well. Great project from two truly amazing customers.

  • 1972-Mercedes-Benz-600-SWB-Oil-Pump-Replacement

    1972 Mercedes Benz 600 SWB with low oil pressure at idle. Not low enough to damage the motor, but low enough to not allow the hydraulically controlled clutch on the water pump to engage. There are two places Mercedes put the oil pressure check valves depending on engine numbers. This one happened to be on the oil pump and not behind the water pump. We found exactly what we suspected...a stuck check valve!!!

  • Custom-Fabricated-Tach-Mount-Great-Race-Replica-Car-1956-Ford

    This was a fun project for a customers 1956 Ford " Fireball Roberts " replica car that was being entered in the 2013 "Great Race" He wanted the expensive speedometer mounted to the roll cage so it could be easily removed and installed. This is what we came up with.

  • Mercedes-Benz-600-LWB-Air-Compressor-Power-Steering-Pump-Work

    Mercedes 600 SWB with a power steering issue. As with many M100 pumps, they moan and grown and even spit fluid all over the place. It was necessary to remove the Air suspension compressor and the PS pump and rebuilt it.

  • Mercedes-Benz-SWB-AC-Hoses-Replaced-Plated-Fittings

    Here is where we changed out all the AC hoses on this Mercedes Benz 600 SWB. The original red hoses leak and even rupture at times. We bead blasted and cadmium plated the fittings and installed new copper crush washers in each connection.... perfect!!!

  • Restored-Trailer-Tongue-DoaneMotorWerks-Trailer

    Basically anything that needs attention around here gets it. We took the tongue off our DoaneMotorWerks trailer and turned it into a masterpiece. We love what we do, and do what we love!!!

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